Our concept is to work in a team, and over the last 14 years of legal services our portfolio include a significant number of judicial technical experts and a significant number of collaborators speciliazed in:

Agrarian law

We are specialized in problems arising in practice on the lease and other specific elements that the entrepreneurs may face in this field.

Business law

In this broad phrase encompassing all the problems that an entrepreneur may face (specific contracts with collaborators, with the beneficiaries, ORC authorizations, inevitable fiscal component, human resources services and bilateral relations of specific legal liability)

Criminal law

We are specialized in interdisciplinary criminal matters specific to the civil servants, holders of political positions, economic offenses etc.

Proprietary law

Starting with land fund, joint outputs, inheritance partition, usurpation, etc.

Family law

We handle specific disputes, divorce, alimony, minor child visitation schedule, parental authority, establishing child lineage, etc., approaching it with a more special psychological load.

Labor law

The approach is not only in terms of disputes related to the two parties involved in the employment relationship.